Sun to Sky

"Sun to Sky" by Jonathan Hugstad

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"Reflections" by Jonathan Hugstad

Taken with a Holga medium format film camera

No One's Gonna Love You

Great acoustic performance by a great band of horses


"Cat" by Jonathan Hugstad

Brickdust Trailer

a short film by Jon Hugstad


"Upward" by Jonathan Hugstad

Taken with a Holga medium format film camera

Intelligence iz...

I'd like to share a story with you,
It's the story of a boy named Bartholomew...

Now Bart was quite the student, much more than just ok,
In fact Bart rarely received anything back, that didn't get an A.
Oh yes, his SAT scores were soaring, his GPA just great,
All work done to perfection, nothing turned in late.
Seven days a week, 'round twelve hours a day, Bartholomew studied without a peep,
Time enough left to grab some food, even a few hours to sleep.
When one day, a huge shoe corporation came along and hired him on the spot,
They noticed his impeccable academic record, and offered him quite a lot!

But when Bart showed up for his first day of work, there were no scantron's, no text books, no nothing that he knew!
"Well geez!" Bart exclaimed in panic, "What in the heck am I suppose to do?"
Hearing this, the manager walked over to Bart and said, "Tie all those shoes with bows and then puedes ir..."
"I know not how!" Bart retorted, and slowly began to pack his gear.
The manager began to realize even more simple tasks that Bart couldn't do, even simpler than tying a bow!
Unfortunate, unlikely, how sad, but still...they had to let him go.

You see, Bartholomew couldn't ride a bike, climb a tree, sing a song, or even play ball,
Bob's Shoe Company never bothered to check, they thought he had it all...
Bartholomew was simply a product of a system so concerned with scores or a grade,
It never challenged Bart to draw or tell stories, didn't care what he made.
Bart never had time to smell the flowers, pick berries, or look around,
His head was so far in his books, he never talked to anybody, no friends to be found.
"What's a joke, or a baseball, or a paintbrush?" asks this proclaimed wiz,
So you tell me what intelligence iz...

May 13th, 1997

* I wrote this my Junior year in high school for some assignment. The teacher wrote "Poor Bartholomew!" on the paper and handed it back to me along with a 5 out of 5 points grade. This only further articulated my point.

A Pierance

"A Pierance" by Jonathan Hugstad

Taken with a Holga medium format film camera


"Drifting" by Jonathan Hugstad
Pulled a couple images off the internet, blended them together, and asked a question I've often pondered...

Monet Impressions

"Monet Impressions" by Jonathan Hugstad